Quick Scan #5

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that Israel’s plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities has been put on hold until next year. The newspaper also says that the Civil Administration in the occupied West Bank has secretly allocated 10% of its area for settlement expansion. On Antiwar.com the veteran Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery writes about the imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, calling him ‘the Palestinian Mandela’ and likely future Palestinian President. Barghouti, though supporting a two-state solution and non-violent action, is calling for an end to negotiations and cooperation with the Israeli government, for popular resistance and for further efforts to pursue UN recognition of the Palestinian state. On Open Democracy, Paul Rogers explains why two international conferences in 2012 may re-invigorate efforts to combat global climate change. In Britain, the charismatic anti-war campaigner George Galloway is returning to Parliament after a stunning election victory. [See his rousing performance before a US senate committee].

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