Drones, drones everywhere

Juan Cole on his blog Informed Comment writes:

The American deployment of its thousands of drones or unmanned aircraft is one dimension of the breakdown of the rule of law. The US sends the spy craft over other countries without permission and in the teeth of ardent protests, violating their sovereignty…

… Iran has announced that it is reverse-engineering a US spy drone that crashed on Iranian territory… The Iranian authorities maintain that they have broken the software encryption of the drone… If Iran has drones, how long will it be before Hizbullah… uses them over Israel?

…The drones are also a big sticking point for the relationship of the US with its ally, Pakistan… Their parliament recommended the banning of US drones over Pakistani soil. The US has insisted that it will pay no attention to the Pakistani parliament, and will continue to deploy the drones in violation of Pakistani sovereignty…

…Then there are the ongoing drone strikes by the US in Yemen… It transpires that CIA director David Petraeus is seeking the authority to launch drone strikes on Yemenis even when their identity is unknown…

Read the full article: Drones, Drones Everywhere, and now we’ve given them to Iran; by Juan Cole.

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