Quick scan #10

Uri Avnery, in his usual entertaining style, tells the inside story of Netanyahu’s “Monday Surprise”, in which the Israeli Prime Minister’s plan to call for an election suddenly changed into the formation of a new coalition with the centrist Kadima party.

Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza as a result of the six-day war of 1967. Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst,  debunks the claim, often made by Zionists,  that this was a defensive war.

Robert Fisk wonders if the Arab Spring may lead to an Islamic Awakening, and writes about the open-minded professor of Islamic thought,  Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid; and about the new book by historian Tom Holland, In the Shadow of the Sword, describing the rise of Islam.

There is a disturbing report of Islamophobia in a US military staff college. Juan Cole comments.

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