UN Security Council, 15 May 1948: Documents

The UN Security Council met on May 15, 1948 and had before it the following documents:

1. Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel;

2. Cablegram from the Arab League announcing a military  intervention in Palestine;

3. Communication from Israel protesting Jordanian aggression;

4. Communication from Jordan protesting Zionist atrocities;

5. Communication from Israel protesting Egyptian aggression;

6. Communication from Egypt protesting Zionist atrocities.

The representative of the Jewish Agency (for Israel) demanded an enforceable Chapter VII resolution condemning Arab aggression.

The representative of the Arab Higher Committee (for the Palestinians), supported by Syria and Egypt, questioned the right of the Jewish Agency to term as aggression the entry of Arab forces which had been invited by the Arab Higher Committee to maintain law and order. With the termination of the Mandate, he asserted, Palestine had become an independent nation and the Jews constituted a rebellious minority.

The Security Council did not assign blame to either side. After several days of discussions it passed Resolution 49, calling for a cease-fire.

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