Israel-Palestine: the one-state-two-nations solution

The Israel-Palestine conflict needs to be solved.  A solution of two nations united within a single state, along the lines of the UK/Scotland/England relationship, would enable the two peoples to share the land, while retaining their national life and identities.

UPDATE 8 October 2017: A detailed proposal of this concept is now available at

The One-State-Two-Nations Proposal



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  • christiansforzionwatch

    This link might be of help [not sure if this is what you’re looking for]

    Also, if you’d like to email me i can send you the minutes of the san remo reolution [PDF]

  • Walk Tall Hang Loose

    Hello, thank you for visiting.

    I am indeed that person. Yes, indeed, I found the link fascinating. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention. Thank God for the House of Lords, it is a wonderful institution.

    Do you know where I can find the text of the original Draft Mandate? It would be very useful to know if the Lords’ vote influenced the final version.

    David Gerald Fincham

  • christiansforzionwatch

    Are you the fella who wrote ‘Understanding The Jewish National Home’ for Mondoweiss? If so, i think this comment and link will interest you greatly.

    “I cannot imagine any political interests exercised under greater safeguards than the political interests of the Arab population of Palestine. Every act of the Government will be jealously watched. The Zionist organisation has no attribution of political powers. If it uses or usurps political powers it is an act of usurpation.”

    Lord Balfouir

    Some great info and quotes are available in the above including the quote from Balfour 😉