PASSIA Documents on Palestine

PASSIA is the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs. In 2007 it published a large compendium of historical documents concerning Palestine in eight printed volumes. They cover a period starting with the rise of Zionism towards the end of the 19th century, and ending in 2007. It is a huge resource for anyone with an interest in the history of Israel and Palestine. PASSIA have very generously allowed me to reproduce the eight volumes here so that they can be more easily available. New readers should please read the notes below before consulting the volumes.

Volume 1: until 1947
Volume 2: 1948-1973
Volume 3: 1974-1987
Volume 4: 1987-1994
Volume 5: 1995-1999
Volume 6: 1999-2002
Volume 7: 2002-2005
Volume 8: 2005-2007


  • The text of the documents is in the public domain, but PASSIA holds the copyright to the compilation as a whole, and also to the editor’s headings to the documents. If you quote, reproduce or  link to the material, please acknowledge PASSIA as the original source.
  • Each volume is headed by a list of the documents with their page number. Getting to the right page may involve a great deal of scrolling. A quicker technique is to use the ‘Find’ function (CTRL+F) to search for a piece of the text from the document heading.
  • The PDFs are password-protected, which means that they cannot be copied or printed. A way to extract the text is by screen capture and optical character recognition.
  • I discovered the PDF files by accident when I was searching for a particular document which I only knew about from a quotation of a couple of sentences. The PDFs were several folders down in the website of a lady who was planning her wedding. There was no link to them on her website, or anywhere else on the web. I can only suppose that the hosting company had made a very bizarre error.
  • Additional note added in September 2020: for several years this website was the only place where the documents were available. I have just discovered that they have reappeared on the Passia website at
  • The printed documents can no longer be purchased on the Passia website, and Amazon says they are “currently unavailable”.