Why does Iran want nuclear energy?

People are sometimes suspicious of Iran’s nuclear energy program, given that it is a large producer of oil and gas.  Could it not just be a cover for a nuclear weapons program?

In fact, there are a number of sound reasons for Iran to want nuclear energy.

1. Because American companies sold the Shah on the idea, many years before the establishment of the Islamic State.

2. Because they have a rapidly growing population with rapidly growing energy demand.

3. Because they are aware of climate change, and the need for the world to find alternatives to fossil fuels as energy sources. [They also have big programs of hydro-electric, wind and solar power generation.]

4. Because they are aware of the ‘peak oil’ concept, and know that the price of oil will soon escalate. If they can supply domestic demand by nuclear generation, they can make very large sums of money by selling oil and gas to other nations who have been less smart than they have.

5. Because they are a proud nation that wants to be scientifically and technologically advanced.

6. Because America, Britain and Israel are trying to stop them.

As for the Iranian nuclear weapons program, it does not exist.

About David Gerald Fincham

Retired academic scientist.
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