American misconceptions about Israel?

The following is a comment made on the American website

I take great comfort in the fact that our great US of A has a staunch ally in the Middle East called Israel. Israel has sometimes been called the largest aircraft carrier in our fleet. And for good reason. While the whole Mideast region radicalizes and boils over in anti-USA violence and hatred, we can always count on Israel for a safe landing, to represent our real interests and to be our only true friend in this region that hates the West more and more with each passing day. We both share the same Judeo-Christian values. We are both democracies. We are both proud countries that respect human life, human rights and freedoms of all kinds. We are both the West. Like it or not, we need Israel perhaps as much as Israel needs us. I dare say maybe even more. That’s why I am more than a bit concerned about our government’s misguided foreign policy towards Israel. It seems that far from supporting her as we should be, we’re throwing her under a bus. We appease her enemies. We disrespect her prime minister. And most disturbingly, we try to push through what’s euphemistically called the “Two State Solution” to the Israel-Palestinian issue.

This Two State Solution is bad for Israel – no, it’s deadly for Israel. It’s deadly because if this “solution” is crammed down Israel’s throat (which is what Obama is trying to do right now), then Israel will be forced to surrender her most important strategic asset – the high ground – and will be left defenseless. She’ll be left to swim in a pool full of sharks without a harpoon. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following website for an explanation. The pictures that you’ll see herein don’t lie. They make a convincing argument why Israel must never agree to this trap called the “Two State Solution”. A vote for Obama is a vote for Israel’s demise. Click here:

You have to admire the skill of the writer. He has produced a post in which every single sentence, bar one, is either wrong or meaningless. Do Americans actually believe this stuff? If so why? Let’s look at the website, and see if we can get an insight into the author’s thinking. Noting on the way that the two country letters at the end of the domain name are ‘il’ which stand for Israel. There is a Hebrew version of the website, at The author calls himself natbenzim or alternatively King Ahab and his profile gives his location as Shomron (Samaria), i.e in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. The site contains the usual false Zionist arguments: for example, that Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) belong to Israel ‘because the League of Nations gave us all of Palestine west of the Jordan river’.

It is clear that the author of this post is a Jewish Israel and is pretending to be an American in order to push his Zionist propaganda.

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