Netanyahu’s good idea

Prime Minister Netanyahu has suggested that any peace deal agreed between Israel and Palestine should be put to the Israeli people in a referendum. Palestine already has such a policy.

This is an excellent idea. In a democracy political parties campaign on a range of issues, and it cannot be assumed that the majority party has majority support in the population on every issue. Israel, in particular, has a rather strange political system, in which there are many small parties with seats in the Knesset, and all governments are coalitions. Under such a system there is a greater probability that the policy of the government will diverge from that supported by a majority of the people. In the January elections there was an unexpected swing in the popular vote towards left-center parties, but the country ended up with  a governing coalition of the three most right-wing parties. In issues of great national importance, a popular referendum is a sensible and democratic way of determining the peoples view.

The left-center parties are not enthusiastic about the referendum suggestion, presumably because they think the peace deal will be lost. I think they are being too pessimistic, but if the people do not support it, forcing it upon them would strengthen their resistance. Better to know in advance, and rethink.

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  • Nick

    80% of Israelis Support Sovereignty in Judea, Samaria

    So much greater than the proportion of Germans supporting Lebensraum in Poland!

    How about Hitler’s other big crime, militarism and aggression? Sound like something we’d recognise now?