Australian recognition of Israel

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From The Advertiser of Adelaide, 29 January 1949


The Australian Government had decided to give full recognition to the Government of Israel, the Prime Minister announced late tonight.

Mr. Chifley said that the new State had come to stay and the Australian Government believed that it would be a force of special value in the world community.

Australia would now support the admission of Israel to the United Nations when the Israeli application came before the General Assembly.

Mr. Chifley said that the Australian action derived in the first place from the basic UN Assembly decision of November, 1947, adopting the plan for partition of Palestine, as recommended by the Special Palestine Committee of the Assembly, presided over by the Australian Minister for External Affairs (Dr. Evatt).

In principle, that decision remained fully effective, and it included an Assembly recommendation that Israel’s application for membership of UN should be sympathetically considered.

The Australian Government’s policy was to give unwavering support to the decisions of UN.

Since the Assembly decision, the State of Israel had come into formal existence. A Provisional Government had been formed and democratic elections had recently been held.

The Australian Government looked confidently to Israel to assist in carrying out a UN decision declaring the special international status of Jerusalem as the Holy City.

The decision will open the way for the exchange of diplomatic and consular missions between Australia and Israel and for trade between the two countries to be placed on a firm basis.

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