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A Dangerous Delusion

A Dangerous Delusion: why the West is wrong about a nuclear Iran, by Peter Oborne and David Morrison. Publication date: 18 April 2013 | ISBN: none, Kindle single available from Amazon

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Obama, Netanyahu and the Iranian Nuclear Bomb

Ten years ago, North Korea withdrew from the NPT, signaling its intention to develop nuclear weapons. It has now built and tested several nuclear bombs, has sophisticated missile technology, and could easily deliver a bomb to neighbouring South Korea. It … Continue reading

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How Iran will destroy Israel

Iranian government officials say many nasty things about Zionism and Israel. I wish they wouldn’t: they create tension and hostility and threaten the peace. Some examples: Israel is a cancerous tumor that should be removed. Stand firm and resist and … Continue reading

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Israel v Iran – to attack or not to attack?

 Update: May 8, 2012. Netanyahu has abandoned plans for a September election: instead, he has formed a new coalition with the centrist party Kadima. —————————————————————————————– Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has called an election for September, one year earlier than … Continue reading

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Iran’s nuclear weapons…

…do not exist. Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not have, never has had, and never will have, a nuclear weapons program. Why do I believe this? Because:- 1. The leadership of this theocratic state have always been opposed … Continue reading

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Why does Iran want nuclear energy?

People are sometimes suspicious of Iran’s nuclear energy program, given that it is a large producer of oil and gas.  Could it not just be a cover for a nuclear weapons program? In fact, there are a number of sound … Continue reading

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