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Max Lowenthal: Diary Extract 15 May, 1948

Max Lowenthal was a Washington lawyer and advisor to President Truman. This extract from his diary was obtained from the Max Lowenthal Papers, University Archives, University of Minnesota (Box 8, Folder 62).

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Resolution of the 1921 World Zionist Congress

The Churchill White Paper of 1922 described how Britain was going to establish a Jewish National Home in Palestine. This policy was implemented in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. The White Paper and the Mandate make clear that … Continue reading

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The Borders of Israel and Palestine

This is a preliminary working draft for a book with the same title. My understanding of the topic is improving all the time. For a better and more detailed understanding of some of the issues hers, please see my articles … Continue reading

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Epstein’s Telegram to Shertok

On 14 May, 1948 Eliahu Epstein, Agent of the Jewish Agency in Washington, sent this telegram to Moshe Shertok, Foreign Minister of the Provisional Government of Israel in Tel Aviv. The telegram tells the dramatic story of how, against a … Continue reading

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The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination

The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination, by Jeremy R. Hammond Publication Date: 8 November 2009 | ISBN: 978-0557095698 | Kindle available Description The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination is an overview of the crucial period from the rise of the Zionist movement until … Continue reading

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Holy Places in the Holy Land

I have never been much interested in the idea of holy places. I do not yearn to visit Jerusalem or Bethlehem, and I do not think such a visit would improve my understanding of Jesus. Nevertheless, I must confess there … Continue reading

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Religious fanaticism and religious faith

Here are examples of religious fanaticism from both sides in the Israel/Palestine dispute.

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Israel is not a liberal democracy

Part of the current Zionist propaganda is that Israel is a liberal democracy, sharing values with other liberal democracies in ‘the West’ and elsewhere. I dispute this claim, on the following grounds:

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Grief comes to Grief

There is a theory being propagated by some Zionists that three historical documents, taken together, show that, in international law, the Jewish people have sovereignty over all of the area of Mandatory Palestine (present-day Israel, West Bank and Gaza).

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Into Occupation

Into Occupation: peace activism in Israel and Palestine, by Mhosin Kirinde Publication date: not stated, 2012? | Kindle edition only from Amazon.

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